Every piece has a story....

We recognise that purchasing a piece of jewellery, either for yourself or a loved one, is an uniquely emotionally emersive experience. It can be invested with significance be it through an event, such as an engagement or wedding or as the physical representation of your love. Alternatively it can be a fun fashion statement that makes you, or those you care for, smile.

Previously owned

Whilst the terminology can sometimes be a little confusing, all of the pieces we are delighted to offer embody the artisans craftsmanship of yesteryears. Designed to stand the test of time nay of our pieces go right back to the Georgian Period (1717-1837).

Antique Jewellery refers to pieces over 100 years old, Estate Jewellery means previously owned and Vintage something over 20 years old.

Our range

We have over 2000 items in stock and our range includes rings; earrings; necklaces; pendants; cameo's; cufflinks; bracelets; pins etc.

We offer pieces from the following period:-

Georgian - 1714 - 1837

Victorian - 1837 - 1901

Edwardian - 1901 - 1925

Art Deco - 1910 - 1930's

Art Nouveau - 1860's - 1940's

Mid Century - 1950's - 1965

Contemporary - 1965 - Present Day