Rare and Pre Owned Printed Materials

Rare Books

Over 4000 rare and secondhand books. Specialising in New Zealand history; Maori history; Local history and Military history.

An eclectic selection of recipe books; gardening books; embroidery and needlework; sporting books; children books; railway books; early motor manuals.

An extensive selection of classic literature.


Journals and Magazines

A large range of publications from the late 19th Century and early 20th Century including periodicals from the UK, such as 'The London Illustrated News' and 'The Sphere'.

The illustrations and historical photographs are in equal parts delightful and illuminating.


Over 1000 early New Zealand and European postcards. Maori and European historical cards. Plenty of choice for the professional collector and hobbyist alike.

Sheet music

We have an extensive collection of old sheet music in stock .